Opera ll Support Announcement

In line with Pegasus’ future product strategy, they have announced that Opera II will no longer be tested or supported on any future Microsoft Server editions, including Microsoft Server 2016

Realistically, this is another strong indication that the end-of-life announcement of Opera II is imminent. With that in mind, any Opera II users should strongly consider upgrading as soon as possible, while trade-in offers are still high and the demand for Opera II upgrade installations is manageable. If left too long you could find yourself competing for install dates and potentially using a system which is no longer supported.

In the short term, it means that if you are looking to upgrade your IT network, but not update your accounts package, you will need to roll back any installation of Microsoft Server 2016 (and any future releases) to Sever 2012 edition to ensure that Opera II is still supported.

If you are currently using Pegasus Opera 3 then this will continue to be supported and tested on future Microsoft Server editions.