Re-evaluating Social Media

Social media has been made the villain of many global issues recently and has become the go-to bad-guy for news stories that hit the headlines. Being branded the cause of cyber bullying, data-breaches, fake news and exacerbating political conflicts, social media has a lot to say for itself…supposedly.

However, we pose to you that Social Media is not the cause of these issues, it is people’s incorrect usage of the platform that gets these attention-grabbing statuses.

Social media is an incredible platform when used correctly, but with its negative rep in the media, some businesses still need convincing it’s for them.

For Businesses, It’s A Necessary Part Of Your Online Presence

As number one, specialist providers of IT security solutions, HBP are embracing GDPR and as a business will be undergoing a reduction in the amount of outbound emails we send.

We’re not stopping all emails, it’s just that GDPR has prompted us to address social media as individual communication platforms and utilise them to increase our service to our customers. In doing so, we realised that we had underestimated the benefit of using social media whilst adhering to the guidelines set out in the GDPR and improving our own data security policies.

We urge you to do the same, but essentially – we’re going to use social media to make access to our support services and documentation easier, and improve our customer service.

If you are already a user of Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, then get following us now!

However, if you are not on social media, and strongly feel opposed to it, then we have something that may change your mind.

Read on …

1. Make Your Business Seen

Although a huge majority of the population have personal social profiles online, over the last 5 years social media has proven to be a universally popular, influential and fundamental tool for businesses too.

Through one of the multiple social platforms available, a business is able to create an online presence which can speak directly to loyal customers, and a big-wide-world full of potential new prospects. Much-like your company website, social media allows you to put your message across; who you are, what you’re about and why should someone choose you?

Your website may have certain optimisation features to make it more visible to a search engine and social media operates in a similar way. You can broadcast your brand through social marketing to a mass target audience of relevant prospects.

In 2017 86% of advisors claimed that social media is growing their business. A pretty high figure, and if they can do it – then so can you.

2. Create Your Own Personal Brand

Social media is not just for your personal life or even sharing personal information. Over the last few years there has been a massive increase in business-persona social profiles (a separate personal profile exclusively for use at work), by which employees and executives network, share company information and market their brand / services through social media.

Understandably, the concept of social media can be extremely daunting if you’re a quite a private person. However, a work social profile does not need to include information on your personal life or opinions on anything unrelated to your job.

Social media provides you the opportunity to create your own Personal Brand, completely unrelated to your personal life. Social media can be somewhere for you to build on your interests and follow what you care about. This then enables you to review information on your favourite companies and brands at your own leisure. You can share your career successes to others in your field, which operates as a great marketing and networking feature within your industry.

3. Generate Advocacy On Social Media

As well as enabling you to create your own personal brand and industry network, social media also provides you with a platform to humanise your brand through employee engagement and promoting company culture. This is great PR when recruiting for your company and trying to boost your profile within industry or local area.

By encouraging your employees to share your social media updates through their accounts you’re actually generating personal advocates for your brand. Your Social Advocates / staff can praise your company as a place to work or the services you offer, which will extend your impressions through their network and generate a larger brand attraction. Leads developed through social marketing convert seven times more frequently than other leads.

4. Provide The Best Customer Experience Possible

Social media is fantastic for Social Listening which enables companies to monitor what their customers and prospects engage with or their feelings on the customer service they receive. This is great for social marketing and gaining insight into your customers which will help you best-fit their needs and grow as a business.

Social Media is not a one-sided affair, it opens up the opportunity to communicate with people all over the world. Recent studies have shown that the majority of consumers prefer social customer service due to the faster response time they receive. Due to the nature of Social Media, consumers are able to be much more direct with their enquiries, which saves time when actioning them.

Further benefits of social customer service include the reduction of spreading malicious software through phishing emails, as well as making it much easier to communicate with followers in different time zones – plus many more.

Join Us, And Benefit From Customer Service – The Way You Want It.

Social media’s all about choice. You choose who you talk to, you choose how you use it – and you choose what you get from it. Don’t be dismayed by the head-lines, use social media to grow your business. Get your employees involved, follow HBP and get even better customers service.