Are you ready for Mobile Accounting? Exchequer 365 is the future.

When on the move it can be crucial you have access to your business information. You may need to check your current stock for a customer while visiting them onsite, authorise an order while you are travelling or email a copy of an invoice due to a customer query. Exchequer 365 is an innovative solution that allows you access to all the rich features of your exchequer accounting solution while mobile.

Can’t I just use my laptop?

With developments in mobile technology it is now possible to completely operate your business from a tablet or mobile device. Exchequer 365 offers instant access to Customer, Supplier, Stock, Projects and Reports (including Excel) on iOS and Android devices.

For a general overview of Exchequer 365 watch this short, informative video from Advanced, the developers of Exchequer:

Exchequer say that 365 is designed from the ground up to go hand in hand with your current Exchequer solution, providing a range of services to help you be more efficient. Its modular design means you can switch on just the functionality you need and put information where it matters and cater it for each of your departments.

Where can I learn more?

With a growing demand for mobile accounting we have invited the Exchequer team to the Humber IT & Software Showcase where they will walk you through the system and show you the true power of been mobile. With only 1 week to go and limited spaces on the workshop now is your time to register. Find out more: