Sage 50. You know it, you love it and it has helped you transform your business but now it is time to move on?

You may experience performance issues where Sage 50 struggles to manage the volumes of transactions, alternatively there may be functionality gaps between Sage 50 and new business needs. Typical restrictions include:

  • Expanded product lines
  • In-depth reporting requirements
  • Trading overseas
  • More complex business processes

Do you think it is time to upgrade! What’s next?

We know from experience that finding a new business management solution can be daunting and time consuming for a business. We find that businesses embrace the upgrade from Sage 50 to Sage 200 as it offers the security and usability that the Sage brand offers.

Many Sage 50 users move to Sage 200 in order to support business growth, the top 5 reasons they chose to make the change are:

Speed – One of the first signs of the need to upgrade is the system slowing down due to the high level of transactions. Sage 200 is built upon Microsoft SQL database technology which means it is faster and more reliable than Sage 50.

Stock management – When you’re a business with lots of stock requirements, Sage, 50 can feel restrictive. Sage 200, on the other hand, offers sophisticated stock capabilities, facilitating management of stock over multiple locations and provides real-time information on stock levels.

Batch traceability – in Sage 200 you get added flexibility, and can trace batch items by ‘sell by’ and ‘use by’ dates and monitor quantities.

Three tiered nominal structure – a three-tiered nominal structure enables Sage 200 to deliver in-depth financial reports based on departments and cost centres, ideal for businesses that need better analysis.

Integrated CRM – in Sage 50 you have the ability to link your accounts package to Act! Contact manager at a basic level. However, in Sage 200 you get added capabilities joining accounting and stock processes to deliver an improved customer experience.

Here are four key signs that our experts come across in companies ready to upgrade:

  1. You’ve grown to a point where you require an integrated solution that manages every aspect of your business – from finance to sales and marketing.
  2. Your business is growing, and your business processes have become more complicated and are difficult to manage within your Sage 50 package.
  3. You require advanced overseas trading capabilities and handling of multi-currency transactions.
  4. Your business requires complex stock handling capabilities, including multiple warehouses and batch traceability.

I’m convinced I need to upgrade now; can you help?

Yes. Although Sage 50 is a leading small business accounts software as your business grows and changes you can become restricted by your accounts package. We know that changing your accounts system can be a significant undertaking, and we’ve helped hundreds of businesses throughout the UK do just that. Working with HBP Systems allows you to pull on 25 years experience in business management solutions.

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From implementation to training, HBP Systems are here to help.