Sage Live: The zen of a connected business

“Millions of business people use different products and apps every day to share financial and customer information with each other. These apps are often key business tools for today’s sales and accounting professionals, but as your business grows, having islands of disconnected data will hold the growth of your business back.
Don’t make this mistake.”
– Sage, The zen of a connected business.

Deciding whether to move to the cloud or not can be a difficult choice to make for a business. You may be asking yourself whether the transfer is worth the time, worth the effort and the cost?

If you’re deliberating on whether to take the plunge and move your accounting to the cloud, ask yourself these questions instead:

Are we wasting time trying to connect data from different products and apps?

Does my financial team spend hours working on the wrong tasks?

Does my team struggle to collaborate on customer information?

What cloud accounting and Sage Live can bring to you is integrated software that allows full, transparent collaboration and inclusive actions across one platform for your accounting team.


Gone are the days of disjointed workflow and mismanaged time allocation. Cloud accounting can provide a single solution for all your financial needs that collates, processes and catalogs your sales and customer data all in one place.

Making the change can certainly be a big step to take, that’s why Sage have provided this handy guide “Sage Live and the zen of a connected business” to help you decide if you need cloud accounting in your business.

Click the image below to be taken to a download form for the guide.


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