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Businesses today, no matter what size or sector, must live and learn to grow and develop in a digital world that has an ever-growing landscape of cyber risks. Risks are growing due to many reasons, from the growing attack surface to the increasing difficulty and sophistication on attacks.

With a growing collection of mobile devices and cloud services being used by your employees and organizations just like yours implementing virtual and cloud networks. This has increased the what security experts call “attack surface” dramatically.

Did you know?

The average user in the UK has 3.1 connected devices.

But what is the ideal core features does a innovative IT solution feature?

Ecosystem centric: Mac or PC syncronised security will find and stop breaches across the entire IT ecosystem by operating with full awareness of nearby objects and events.

Comprehensive: The solution would need to be comprehensive and cover multiple platforms and devices, to defend against attackers who attack the whole IT system, not just its parts.

Efficient: Syncronised security increases productivity by lowing your IT team’s workload and improving protection. The beauty of syncronised security is it does not add another layer of technology and workload.

Effective: Sophos solutions must effectively prevent, detect, investigate and remediate today’s threats across the entire threat surface.

Simple: Sophos believe their systems must be simple to buy, simple to understand, simple to deploy and simple to use.

What is Sophos Security Heartbeat?

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