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Download The How To Choose The Right Business Management Software Guide

Download The How To Choose The Right Business Management Software Guide

This guide outlines the decisions and discussions that you must make before investing in new Business Management Software. Save your business money by getting it right the first time.

Software Accreditations

With over 25 years’ experience of providing business software solutions to small and medium sized business our knowledge and expertise is at the highest level. But to enhance our credentials even more we are recognised by some of the leading software providers in the UK to implement and support their products:

Just some of the accreditations from our software partners are:

  • Sage Business Partner
  • Pegasus Centre of Excellence
  • KCPOS Diamond Partner
  • Microsoft Gold Midmarket Solution Provider
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Accounts & EPOS Software

Choosing software for your business can be tough which is why we offer a range of solutions and a free consultancy service to help you select the right one. We will help you to understand the functionality each of your departments needs as well as offering advice on planning for the future and integrating your systems.

As a leading provider of business software we can offer the following services and solutions:

  • Sage 200 software, training and support
  • Pegasus Opera 3 software, training and support
  • Pegasus Opera II support and training
  • Sage 50 software and support
  • KCPOS software, training and support

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions we are asked about our business software services. If you have any other queries that are not answer please contact us.

Which accounts package is right for my business?

It depends! Every business is different and each package has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some products are better with certain industries that others and we also have access to a range of add-ons for each product for specific areas of functionality that are required.

The only way to accurately answer the question is to get in touch with us to arrange a meeting where we can discuss your requirement, your business and your plans for the future.

How much will a new business software solution cost?

Unfortunately this is a hard question to answer. Pricing for software is typically done on a per user and per module basis – so the amount of functionality you require and the number of people using it will determine your price. You will also need to factor in installation costs and any training that may be required, as well as on-going licences and support.

We are often given incentives from the software authors which can help to get you a great deal and trade-in deals are also common if you are upgrading your system.

For small and medium sized businesses the initial costs can range from anything from £2,000 to £50,000.

The only way for us to give you an accurate quote is to find out about your business, so get in touch and we’ll start the ball rolling.

When should I change business software?

The main reason people change software is because their current system simply doesn’t offer the functionality they need any more – normally because the business has grown.

When a business outgrows its software it not only creates inefficiencies but also fails to provide all of the information the management team needs to make informed decisions about the business.

If you’re suffering for this issue then it’s probably time to change.

What is ERP software?

ERP is a common term that pops up when talking about business software and stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. Some software authors, including Sage, no longer use the term as they believe it’s confusing for many people.

Ultimately an ERP package is one that, in theory, manages all areas of your business. In reality a true ERP system is rare and most businesses have small pieces of bespoke work or industry specific solutions that sit alongside their main business software package.

Is software integration important?

In most cases, yes very. As much as the software industry would like you to believe that businesses have a single system for every business process, most organisations have a few. The trick is getting them to work together.

Ideally your core system wants to be as complete as possible, combing the core business functions into a single system.

Where this can’t be possible then integrated system are a great option. They pull key information for each system and pass it to the other – meaning that key details are available where you need them and reporting is simple and effective.

If an integrated system is not available then bespoke options, which we can offer at HBP Systems, can be used to integrate two systems that don’t talk to each other as standard.