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Download Our Free Guide on How To Choose An EPOS System

Download Our Free Guide on How To Choose An EPOS System

There are many factors to consider when choosing an EPOS system for your retail, wholesale or tourist attraction business and many of them are puzzling for the uninitiated. Cut through the jargon and get to the core decisions to consider for your perfect solution.

KCPOS Pricing

Accessible Accounts Integrated EPOS Software…

Your Current Network

To get a good idea of your business, your requirements and to offer a quote we will need to know what hardware & software programs you currently run.

Till Requirements

To provide pricing for your new EPOS solution we will need to know how many tills/units you will require and how many users will use the system after implementation.

More than one retail outlet?

That’s fine! Our KCPOS solution offers its rich accounts integration across several sites – if you have more than one site let our specialist know so they can allow you to visualise KCPOS in your business

Your own modular EPOS system

Our development house can work with you to design and develop bespoke KCPOS add ons that allow you to further the out of the box functionality of KCPOS

Platinum KCPOS Partners

We are recognised as Platinum KCPOS Partner offering implementation, support and development for KCPOS.

True Impartiality

We’ve based our reputation with IT on word of mouth recommendations. We’re not about to start changing – so our advice is genuine and impartial.

In-depth Knowledge

We’ve been working with IT for over 25 years. We know what we’re doing and can be trusted to deliver the correct solution for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions surrounding KCPOS

Can I just purchase the KCPOS Software?

Our KCPOS solution works on certified KCPOS approved hardware, to check if you hardware is certified you can speak with one of our KCPOS specialists who will be able to advise if a software only purchase is possible.

Can I buy hardware?

Yes. We supply a range of innovative, certified KCPOS hardware that looks the part, and acts the part. When speaking with one of our KCPOS specialists they’ll advise on suitable hardware for your new EPOS system.

Do you offer a mobile KCPOS option?

Yes. KCPOS will work on any Windows tablet.

Can we finance KCPOS?

Yes. We work closely with Kingston Capital Finance, a leading Hull based finance company allowing you to finance your new KCPOS tills. Subject to a credit check.