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Download The Beginners' Guide To Pegasus Opera 3

Download The Beginners' Guide To Pegasus Opera 3

This guide is the perfect introduction to the Opera 3 software and accounting software practices for absolute beginners, and a great resource for reference for more advanced users.

Award Winning Service

At HBP Systems we have been supplying Pegasus accounting software for over two decades and continue to be one of the leading providers in the UK.

We have been recognised by Pegasus, their partners and at a number of awards for our high levels of support and service.

  • Pegasus Centre of Excellence
  • Kamarin Computers Platinum Partner
  • Corrin Software Business Partner
  • MJM Business Partner
  • Goole & Howdenshire Business Excellence Awards – Service Business of the Year 2016
  • Chamber & Bridlington Yorkshire Coast Awards – Business with High Training Winner 2015
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Pegasus Opera 3

Because Pegasus Opera 3 is a modular solution, users gain the ability to access and update the business data they require without barriers, enabling them to work efficiently with no ties. Equipped with numerous different features, the software provides you and your employees with the ability to manage every important aspect of your business, such as finances, customers, and business insights in real-time; all within a single solution.

Enhancement modules such as Web Xchange make the software even more dynamic, providing users with the flexibility to access Pegasus Opera 3 from mobile devices when they’re away from their desks.

What’s more; because Pegasus Opera 3 is a modular solution, you have the choice to completely customise your package with the functionality you require without investing in unnecessary others, as well as the flexibility to add and remove additional modules when the need arises.

As a leading provider of Pegasus Opera 3 can offer the following services and solutions:

  • Pegasus Opera 3 consultation and system implementation
  • Pegasus Opera 3 support
  • Pegasus Opera II support
  • Pegasus Opera 3 training
  • Pegasus Opera II training
  • Pegasus Opera II support
  • Add-ons from Corrin, MJM and Kamarin
  • IT network and server support

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions we are asked about Pegasus Opera 3 and Pegasus Opera II. If you have any other queries that are not answer please contact us.

How much does Pegasus Opera 3 cost?

In order to get an accurate Pegasus Opera 3 quote we would need to know about your requirements, the number of users you require and your existing system. As Pegasus is a modular solution it is priced on a per module and user basis.

Although it is hard to provide ballpark figures because of this, Pegasus Opera 3 system prices often range from around £4,000 to £30,000 including and services, licencing and support.

What is the difference between Opera II and Opera 3?

Pegasus Opera II is used by many businesses in the UK but is no longer sold as a new product by Pegasus. Instead, Pegasus Opera 3 is the solution on offer for small and medium sized businesses.

Since the release of Opera 3 all development work from Pegasus has gone into the product, with only fixes and patches being released for Opera II. It is widely expected that an announcement on the end of life for Pegasus Opera II is imminent.

Some of the new features only available in Pegasus Opera 3 include open period accounting, Excel exporting, credit control, improved stocktakes and enhanced document management.

What size of business is Pegasus Opera 3 for?

Pegasus Opera 3 is ideal for businesses with approx. £1 million to £50 million turnover across a range of industries.

What is Pegasus Business Cloud?

Pegasus Opera 3 is ideal for businesses with approx. £1 million to £50 million turnover across a range of industries.

Is Pegasus Opera 3 an On Premise or Hosted solution?

Either! Pegasus Opera 3 can be deployed on your own server or by using Pegasus Business Cloud it can be hosted in the Cloud.