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Download The Beginners' Guide To Pegasus Opera 3

Download The Beginners' Guide To Pegasus Opera 3

This guide is the perfect introduction to the Opera 3 software and accounting software practices for absolute beginners, and a great resource for reference for more advanced users.

Pegasus Opera 3 Pricing

A Modular System that Fits Your Needs


The Pegasus Opera 3 price structure is very flexible, truly depending on the desired features and the requirements of your business.


Pegasus is a hugely flexible platform and to get accurate pricing we will need to know how many employees require access to your system


Pegasus Opera 3 is modular system offering various modules that enhance the systems capability. To get an accurate price we will need to know of any additional modules you may require.


Opera 3 offers multi-company capabilities. If you plan on using your system across multiple companies, and multiple sites let us know!

Dedicated Opera Specialist

We dedicate you a Opera Specialist who is always on hand to offer you advice based on your business requirements and needs.

Pegasus Support

Our Pegasus Support allows you to get the best out of your Pegasus system, with AAT & Pegasus accredited specialists on the other end of the phone we can guide you to fix any errors or answer any questions.

Pegasus Centre of Excellence

We are a Pegasus Centre of Excellence recognising our ongoing support to Pegasus Opera 3 and Pegasus CIS.

Frequently Asked Question

Frequently asked questions surrounding Pegasus Opera 3 Pricing.

Why can’t you provide accurate pricing on this site?

Pegasus Opera 3 is a modular system meaning the number of modules you require dictate the pricing this means that there are millions of variables and we couldn't simply cover them all! A quick conversation with our Pegasus specialists will answer any queries you have!

What modules can I purchase?

Modules include Financials, Supply Chain Management, Business Intelligence, Payroll & HR, Web Xchange, CRM, Document Management and Construction.

Can I booked a demo?

Of course! Speak to us and we'll arrange for one of our Pegasus specialists to organise a demonstration for you.

How can I get accurate pricing?

Contact us and one of our Pegasus Opera specialists will get in touch! They’ll speak to you about your requirements and offer you accurate pricing for your business.