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Download The How To Choose The Right Business Management Software Guide

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Sage 200 Pricing

Powerful Business Management Software But at What Cost?


To provide accurate pricing for Sage 200 we will need know how many employees will require access to your Sage 200 system.

Specific Modules

Sage 200 is flexible and modular and can be built up of various modules to fit your business needs. To provide precise pricing we would need to know which modules of the Sage 200 suite you require.

Multiple Companies

Sage 200 offers multi-site, multi-company functionality. When providing a quote we look at if you need to manage the accounts for multiple companies – allowing you to accurately know the cost of the solution when implemented across multiple companies.


Every business is different and Sage 200 allows you to tailor your business management solution to meet your requirements. We will discuss any bespoke requirements you may have and tailor the system so it fits your business perfectly.

Dedicated Sage Specialist

We dedicate you a Sage Specialist who is always on hand to offer you advice based on your business requirements and needs.

Sage Business Partner

We’re recognised by Sage as your leading local business partner and all our staff undergo Sage training to ensure we know how to implement and support systems that are tailored to you.

25 Years' Experience

For over 25 years HBP Systems Ltd have provided IT and Accounting solutions and our infrastructure experience means we can integrate your mobile phones and tablets directly into your network providing a fuller experience for your users.

Frequently Asked Question

Frequently asked questions surrounding Sage 200 Pricing.

Where is Sage 200 going to save me money?

  • Streamlining processes
  • Reducing labour costs
  • Minimising the cost of holding excess stock by improving the accuracy of stock management
  • Improving customer experience
  • Facilitating future growth by making business critical decisions based on accurate information
  • Improved productivity
  • Better inter-department communication

How much does Sage 200 Online cost?

Sage 200 online is the fully cloud based Sage 200 system so pricing does not include additional hardware or upgrades to current hardware.

Pricing is dependent on the number of users and which modules you choose implement.

If you only need a few users and don’t have any existing server infrastructure this is a great option. However you will need a good broadband connection. Sage 200 online also doesn’t have the integrated CRM, Manufacturing or Business Intelligence modules. So if any of those are important for your business, it’s probably not the right option for you.

How much does Sage 200 On-premise cost?

This is the upfront payment method for the on premise software, this means it is hosted on a server at your premises instead of been hosted in the cloud.

Although there is an initial upfront investment for an On-Premise solution, it can actually work out to be much more cost effective within 5 years. Sage 200 is installed on your own servers so it can integrate with key Sage add-ons including Sage 200 CRM and Business Inelligence. After purchasing the software you simply pay an annual licence fee and support for your system.

Pricing is dependent on modules and the number of users, and our Sage specialists will be able to provide you an accurate quote after reviewing your requirements.

Please be aware that the to get accurate pricing for this solution we need to review your current network, and cost maybe involved in upgrading your current network to support Sage 200.

How much does Sage 200 Subscription Cost?

Sage 200 is a monthly payment for the on premise solution, meaning it is still hosted on your site but you are paying monthly for the solution instead of annually. It’s like renting a house and paying monthly, instead of buying upfront.

With Sage 200 Subscription you still get CRM and Business Intelligence and this option is perfect for businesses who don’t have the capital to buy the system upfront.

Pricing is dependent on modules and the number of users, and our Sage specialists will be able to provide you an accurate quote after reviewing your requirements and your network to ensure Sage 200 is compatible.

Be aware that you continue to pay the subscription for the life of your software and it tends to work out more expensive than the perpetual pricing model when you look at it over a 4-5 year period.