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Is your business ready for the future?

Is your business ready for the future?

In this book, Sage give fundamental, practical advice on how to “future-ise” your company.

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Run your business on your terms with Sage Live.

Sage Live is a real-time accounting solution built on Salesforce. Connect your front and back office in one cloud for greater efficiency, insight and collaboration.

  • Focus on things that matter by eliminating low-value tasks.
  • Act at the right time with real-time information.
  • Connect all you business and use an integrated solution.
  • Expand your business beyond walls and go mobile, social – and even global.

Sage Live combines the performance of the world’s best real-time accounting engine and the marketing-leading Salesforce1 Cloud platform.


30+ years in business

#1 SMB management software

3,000,000 SMB customers

48,500 accountants using and recommending Sage

20,000 partners


15+ years in business

#1 CRM software and cloud platform for applications

3,000,000 SMB subscribers

95,000 SMB customers

3,000 ISVs partners on the APPExchange

Did You Know?

The average business owner spends 52 hours a week just keeping up with their admin.


With Sage Live you’ll save time. Tons of it.
So you can spend it on the important things.

Like taking a break every now and again.

Work Fresh


Analyse up-to-date client data, metrics and KPIs at-a-glance through real-time scoreboards. Use multi-dimensions to track your performance the way you want.


Replace a mix of disconnected resources, desktop software and single-function business apps with an easy-to-use integrated solution built for your business


Improve collaboration, get better commitments from everyone and speed-up decision making in your company by leveraging Chatter posting and real-time news feeds.

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Sage Live brings together finance, sales, CRM and operational data to give you one single, powerful view of your business. It also integrates with a multitude of world class apps to make your business even more efficient.

What Sage Live can do for you?

What it offers How you benefit
One-office cloud accounting built on the market-leading Salesforce platform. Easy access to your unified business data from any location and from and connected device.
Integration with thousands of apps on the Salesforce AppExchange. Easily combine your favourite apps in one flexible cloud hub.
Automate reports, invoicing, payments and receipts. Eliminate paperwork and time-draining processes and focus on the work you love doing.
Connect your CRM, finance and operational data in one secure cloud hub. No more wasted time and lost productivity finding and extracting disconnected data.
Dimensional reporting and real-time analytics. Eliminate errors and track personalised KPIs for flexible reporting.
Bank reconciliation. Take the hassle and wasted time out of routine accounting tasks.
Multi-currency, multi-county and automatically updated compliance. Keep your business competitive and compliant across international boundaries.
Integration with Chatter. Boost your teams’ collaboration and productivity.

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Sage Business Partner

The importance of choosing the right Sage Business Partner.

Choosing the right Sage Business Partner to advise, implement, train and support you is very important. HBP Systems Ltd. is fully accredited by Sage and has over 25 years’ experience when it comes to supplying, installing and supporting business accounting and IT software.

We take our relationship with Sage very seriously and therefore ensure our team is made up of professional financial accounting advisors and technology experts, who will work together to advise, install and support this market-leading accounts software, which can be developed and customised to suit your needs.

As a Sage Business Partner, you can have confidence that we are the link between the software author and maximising your return on the investment you’ve made.

But what does that mean to you and your business?

Here at HBP, we have a strong wealth of experience to support Sage in it’s product development and customer management. It also means that Sage approaches HBP and our customer base regularly to do a health check on its software, the needs of your business in the future, software pricing and service levels.

Your end user licence agreement is with the software author, but we believe that the real value of your contract lies in the support that you receive from us. We strive to ensure that your software is working hard in your business, that your staff are well trained and can be as efficient as possible in the software usage and when you need to help you can pick up the phone and we will be there for you and your business.