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Benefits Of Using KC Smart Stock

Mobility & Adaptability

Designed to work on any Windows 7 Pro (or newer) tablet, KC Smart Stock was developed to be accessible to all with a very small setup cost in comparison to it’s rival products. You’re not limited by expensive hardware, or individual user licenses.

On-demand Data

Make better, and more informed business decisions based on accurate data through the native accounts software integration. Push picking lists for your accounts team, and get stock reports on-demand from your business or accounts software.

Eliminate Human Error

Remove human intervention and re-keying of data, therefore virtually eliminating human error across your entire stock management.

Manage Stock Across Multiple Sites

With a truly integrated system, you can seamlessly manage stock across multiple sites with multiple warehouses or stock locations. Get instant visibility of available stock, identify trends, forecast requirement and easily move stock from one location to another. Generate Purchase Orders from the tablets, check stock in from suppliers and identify and resolve or amend order disputes or miss-deliveries.

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