UK’s #1 Amusement Park: Peppa Pig World, Relies on The HBP Group for EPOS

Watch our video case study on how our we helped Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World with their EPOS & Ticketing solution.

Peppa Pig World case study

Paultons Park is already one of the leisure industry’s biggest success stories…

…but the management of this Hampshire-based attraction continues to invest in improving operational efficiency to meet demand as it plans further growth.

VisiSoft discussed the implementation of 70+ tills across the site, linked to online ticketing as part of their strategy to maintain the number 1 spot.

Watch as Paultons Park’s Commercial Director, Steven Lorton tells of how the relationship developed with support of the business-defining strategy to take the theme park into it’s next chapter by meeting the expectation of their visitors with the use of technology.

Peppa Pig World case study

Developing A Robust & Agile Management Platform For UK’s Number 1 Visitor Attraction

In operation since 1983, Paultons Park in rural Hampshire has grown significantly from its humble beginnings as a modest country park and bird garden, to a national British name with 1.1 million visitors in 2019.

Home of the official Peppa Pig World since 2011, Paultons has gone on to receive the accolade of “Number 1 Amusement Park” in the UK and Channel Islands in the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice awards every year since 2016.

Peppa Pig World case study

The Reason For Change

Having grown rapidly over the past decade, Paultons, like many visitor attractions had just added tills, stock management and ticketing solutions as and when they required them to address the problem at the time. This legacy technology spread across the park was basic at best, disparate and individual and began to struggle with increased visitor counts and growing demands from their customer base. It’s at this point Paultons looked to the marketplace and found VisiSoft.

VisiSoft had all the features that we needed. It had far more functionality than our previous system had, but it also had the ability to talk to our ticketing system in the way that we required.
Stephen Lorton, Paultons’ Commercial Director.

Peppa Pig World case study

The Solution

VisiSoft’s product portfolio offers EPOS systems, admissions, stock control and management information under one umbrella.

Designed to link all the different services required by visitor attractions together and provide management reports on-demand, VisiSoft were able to provide Paultons Park with a perfect-fit solution for where they are now, with the foundation and stability to grow as they do.

We have ordering, stock control, reporting dashboards all within it.
Stephen Lorton, Paultons’ Commercial Director.

Fun For All The Family

Comprising of 17 rides and attractions, wild animals, beautiful estates and gardens, Paultons Park positions itself as a wholesome day out primarily aimed at families with young children below the age of about 14.

What sets them apart is their drive to offer their customers first-class service and the best experience possible in any place where their customers come in to contact with their staff. Be it in their ticketing and admissions booths, one of their 15 catering outlets spread across the site, or one of their 3 fairly large shops in their retail area.

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Peppa Pig World case study

The Benefits

Having previously run catering and retail as separate businesses, Paultons are able to now run them together, with ordering, stock control and reporting dashboards, plus the added synchronisation with their ticketing platform.

Data from their old system was ported to their new platform, to provide a seamless history of business, customer and supplier information, and the rollout across the park caused minimal downtime or additional training requirement.

We’re able to provide our management teams with accurate information in real time, where they can make informed decisions.
Stephen Lorton, Paultons’ Commercial Director.

Peppa Pig World case study

The Project

Paultons Park now have a robust park management system, made up state-of-the-art tills, admissions and online ticketing, stock management and reporting tools. The management team were so impressed with the success of the project and the implementation that they actually approached VisiSoft to develop their next technological installation, directly to increase customer experience. Taking the form of self-service kiosks and order points that in turn integrate with the rest of the park’s systems, Paultons’ brand-new area “Tornado Springs” will showcase them and offer customers a new, quicker way to place orders. This is a testament to the relationship with VisiSoft, the confidence that Paultons has in the solution, and the boost in growth that has continued since the project was completed.

I would absolutely recommend VisiSoft for a business that has as many touch points in its EPOS system as us, to give the controls, speed of service and quality of experience to customers.
Stephen Lorton, Paultons’ Commercial Director.

Who Are We?

HBP Systems Ltd are part of The HBP Group, which also includes Kamarin Computers Ltd and Jugo Systems. We are based in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, with Kamarin in Cambridgeshire and Jugo in Hampshire. Between us we cover the vast majority of the UK and work under The HBP Group name to provide a seamless service between our northern and southern offices.

About Us
Peppa Pig World case study

Paultons Park is a family owned and run theme park. We’ve been in operation since 1983 and grown from what was basically a country park and bird garden to what we are today where we welcomed sort of about 1.1 million visitors. We are the number one theme park via TripAdvisor since 2016, which we are delighted with. We are the home of Peppa Pig world. We have a range of about 17 rides and attractions throughout the park as well as animals and beautiful estates and gardens. We are very much focused to families with young children below the age of about 14.
Stephen Lorton, Paultons’ Commercial Director.

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