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Business Cloud Essentials

The right-first-time business management software that will evolve with your business

Business Cloud Essentials software is a Cloud-based manufacturing solution platform that can help to boost productivity, identify and reduce bottlenecks and maximise business efficiency.

The Benefits of Manufacturing Software

  • Easy to implement & use
  • One fully integrated solution
  • Access anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Reliable & Secure
  • Flexible & Scalable
  • Full traceability
  • Instant business intelligence
  • Reduced financial risk

Why Just Keep Up, When You Can Excel?

Advanced’s Business Cloud Essentials offers endless benefits to manufacturing companies who want to increase efficiency without an increase in expense. Resource planning software maximises its users’ optimization and understanding of different areas within a business’s supply chain management. However, this Cloud MRP solution from our partners at Advanced is ensuring that manufacturers don’t just keep up with their competitors, they excel in the manufacturing industry.

Technology That Grows With You

The adoption of Cloud-based solutions is also ideal for multi-site companies, who want to be able to quickly pull, compare or report on data in real-time from across their various sites. In addition to business augmentation, BCE also offers manufacturing professionals the opportunity to invest in hybrid skills, ensuring that they can grow with evolving technology and not be overshadowed by it.

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The Industrial Revolution Of The Digital Age

There is a new Industrial Revolution happening right now and the Cloud is at the forefront of it! Advanced’s Business Cloud Essentials has been developed to support the increasing popularity of Cloud-based solutions in the manufacturing world due to its automation and data-exchange features. Business Cloud Essentials can gather and interpret quality data, which in addition to the prevention of wastage or poor time-keeping, can also allow companies to self-diagnose faults before a machine failure. Through the development of robust strategies, collaborated with accurate data, manufacturers are able to make the most efficient and cost-effective use of resources and time.

How Could Business Cloud Essentials Help Your Business?


Savings Per Year

When comparing Cloud and on-premise ERP solutions.



When processing orders against offline and legacy ERPs.


Reduction In Paper

Contribute towards being paperless with the ease of access to data.

Business Cloud Essentials Manufacturing Software Includes:


Real-time information on all areas of your business are available on demand and on the move from any device.


Your solution can not only be tailored to your individual and specific requirements, but it also scalable to grow with your business’s evolving needs.


The implementation process is simple with low cost and risk involved.


Instant access to real-time data provides more accurate visibility, enabling you to develop a more effective forecast.


Reduce costs and manual data inputting with improved, automated reporting functions and ledger updates.


Fully integrated payroll management is compliant with HMRC’s standards and provides detailed analysis.


Collaborate visibility across all departments’ tasks, events, schedules and workflows, with an integrated document management system.


Through MRP (Material Requirements Planning) you can enhance your stock control schedule for your current or future demands, whereby you reduce wastage and save on costs.

Business Intelligence And The Customer

With Business Cloud Essential’s scalability increasing the growth of data storage and business intelligence, manufacturers are given the proficiency to collaborate across the supply chain and enhance their relationships with consumers. The alliance of this data and customer relations means that manufacturers can quickly identify commercial opportunities and take full advantage of them.

Features Of Business Cloud Essentials Manufacturing Software

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Accounts & Finances

  • On-Demand Visibility
    Instantly see your company finances: historical, present and future
  • Automatic Ledger Updates
    Improve reporting accuracy by reducing data input
  • Detailed Analysis
    Produce varied and details financial analysis on items, jobs, projects and departments
  • Reduced Financial Risk
    By using one, fully integrated, cloud-based ERP solution
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  • Steamlined Processes
    To improve efficiencies throughout
  • Advanced Resource Management
    Irrelevant of whether they’re human or machines
  • Scheduled Demand
    Either current for future, for both materials and stock
  • Easy Management Of Complex Items & Assembly
    Create Bills of Materials (BOMs) and manage standard or customised product parts lists
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Improved Sales Performance
    Effectively influence sales pipelines through automation and better visibility of your outstanding relationships
  • Unified Customer Data
    All in one place for better efficiency
  • Accurate Data
    Up-to-date, pooled information from multiple sources through better management in ERP
  • Form Better Relationships
    Get a clear, unobstructed view of your customers’ accounts and visualise insight to increase customer spend
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  • Seamless Management
    Manage Payroll directly on the Business Cloud Essentials platform
  • Effective Reporting
    On costs and other vital metrics
  • Legislative Requirements Met
    For today, and any future requirements via continual updates to the core software
  • Detailed Analysis
    View labour costs broken down by department, project, job, item or business-wide

The Scalability Of Business Cloud Essentials Manufacturing Software

Advanced’s Business Cloud Essentials MRP epitomises SaaS (Software as a Service) through its one version for life guarantee and capability to evolve with the constantly changing needs of consumers and the markets that they operate in.  All updates are automated, and users will always be notified of them.

Always Up To Date

business cloud essentials software multi device

Delivered as a true SaaS (Software as a Service) Cloud product, with Business Cloud Essentials MRP there is one version for life. Updates are automated, pushed out to all users and included by default in your monthly subscription.

Constantly being developed and invested in by Advanced, these are just some of the more recent updates and enhancements introduced into the product:

August 2018

  • Added Work Order Start Times

    This helps to track productivity.

  • Added Payslip Passwords

    This helps to protect the payslips if they fell into the wrong hands.

  • Added Hyperlink Support

    This aids productivity by enabling businesses to use network and web shortcuts within the application.

June 2018

  • GDPR Compliance

    Identify, automate and anonymise personal data held in Business Cloud Essentials.

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