Almost 30 Years In IT For Joanne Dixon

Our Managing Director, Joanne Dixon, is celebrating 29-years working in IT!

HBP Systems is a multi-award-winning, IT and Software Solutions company, that has gained partner status from major software suppliers including Microsoft, Sage, Advanced and Sophos. From 1991, the business has been growing from strength-to-strength, and by 1992, Joanne Dixon had joined the company under the former Youth Training Scheme, working on reception. Like the success of the company, she is now the Managing Director of, Jo’s IT career has thrived.

While the mum-of-two’s achievements over the years are worth celebrating, Jo wants to use the opportunity to encourage more women to embark and prosper in careers within IT. “It’s been a decade of significant change; a decade in which we [HBP] have transformed our business, by transforming businesses for others, making ourselves the ‘go-to’ IT systems and software specialists in the region,” says Joanne Dixon.

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Strong Leadership For The Future

As the only female director of HBP, Jo believes that, “the next big change that the IT industry needs is to have more women working in it”.
In and outside the world of IT, particularly over the last few years, society and numerous industries have been forced to review their stance on providing equal opportunities for women. This inequality is something Jo feels passionately about confronting as, “modern IT is about thinking differently, about problem-solving and using computers to make life easier and better for everyone. That’s the kind of thing which should appeal to girls and young women”.

As well as urging more females to become involved in the IT industry, Jo hopes that school curriculums invest more time and learning into Information Technology studies. Jo claims that her three children, all under ten-years-old, “spend less than an hour a week on computers”, which she believes, like the shortage of women working in IT, is an imbalance in need of addressing, “considering how important IT is in every aspect of modern life!”.

The only female MD at HBP and full-time working, mum-of-two, is allowing little time to celebrate her 29-year career milestone, as HBP Systems is aspiring to secure a place on the best Companies™ list of the top 100 companies to work for. “We have put measures in place to start us on that journey, and I have no doubt that we’ll move closer to it in the months ahead”, says Jo, who will be using her almost 30-years of expertise in IT to work for this goal. Jo is particularly motivated by how the things HBP do “appeal to women looking to build a career, and that makes us a very different IT company”. We look forward to a big celebration in the next year to officially mark Joanne’s 30th HBP Systems anniversary!

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