HBP Office Renovations From Local Providers

IT service provider and accounts software specialist HBP Systems have partnered with local furniture supplier Harlequin on a series of major renovations to their Scunthorpe Offices, as part of their vision to be within the top 100 SMEs to work for in the UK

Like HBP, Harlequin has been in business for over 25 years and has continued to expand and grow in many areas, allowing them to become more desirable to an increasing range of clients from all over the country. The pair have had a long relationship working alongside one another with HBP providing IT support for a number of years, which is why Harlequin were the perfect partner for this project.

It has been 10 years since the last major changes at HBP and now employees are making the most of to 2 newly renovated meeting rooms, aptly named ‘Gates’ and ‘Berners-Lee’, which feature 42” inch TVs for presentations, allowing staff to hold meetings, training courses and even events for both internal staff and customers in a comfortable and contemporary atmosphere.

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Changing Rooms

The meeting rooms also provide an effective and stylised platform for employees to showcase products and services to HBP’s thriving customer base in the area and give employees the means for seamless cross-site video conferencing across the businesses numerous offices around the country.

In addition to these meeting rooms, HBP have transformed an office into what is now affectionately being named ‘The Snug’. This hunting lodge themed room, with vintage bookshelves, Winchester sofas and tartan carpets, will house all the resources that 60+ staff need to train and improve in a quiet environment and compliments HBP’s new vision of ‘Best Today. Better Tomorrow’ that is at the forefront of their 2017 drive.

Ray Nolan, Sales Director at Harlequin Furniture said: “We always love working with HBP, it’s a pleasure to be able to work alongside another local business and the offices here are looking great. I think the new look suits HBP perfectly and really compliments what they’re trying to achieve.”


Phil Denham, Commercial Director at HBP Systems said about the new rooms: “I find the meeting rooms to be a really welcoming place for our meetings. The design and the technology that has been installed help contribute to a really creative and exciting atmosphere.”

He added: “The Snug is a great space; it’s nice to know you have a dedicated room to just relax and do a bit of research. Stepping away from your desk every now and then can have a great impact on your work.”

These developments have come as part of the decision for HBP to put a real focus on their employees and their happiness at work. In offering benefits such extra holiday days, time out to do charity work, and even cake on your birthday, HBP are looking to create an environment that their employees love working in.

Joanne Dixon, Managing Director at HBP Systems said “For the past 25 Years, we’ve been lucky to hire staff who have played a key role in bringing HBP Systems to where it is today. Our IT Support, Software Support, operations, commercial, finance and management teams have never been stronger; in 2016 we recorded our best financial year in the company’s history, and we are already growing on that in as we enter 2017; we are extremely well positioned to grow HBP in line with our 5-year growth plan.”

Phil Denham, Commercial Director at HBP said: “We think the rooms are fantastic. We couldn’t be happier with the results, and getting to work so closely with a local company who we respect so much was a great experience. We’re already starting to see the benefits of the renovations to our company and to our staff as they start to study for exams and holding meetings in the new rooms.”

The renovations started at the end of 2016 and were completed in early 2017 thanks to the cooperative effort of HBP and the Harlequin team. Plans are already being made for the next stage of the renovations to the HBP building.

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