Our Amazing Team Complete The Yorkshire Three Peaks Again!

Following from our completion of The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge in 2019 our team once again tackled one of the toughtest endurance tests around on 20th August 2022.

After two years of delays and cancellations, we finally got the chance to raise money as part of The HBP Group’s charity fundraising activity which is currently supporting Bliss and WISHH.

In 2019 we suffered some of the harshest conditions possible and were hoping for much better weather this time around. Although the rain didn’t stay away entirely, conditions we signifacntly better and the team completed the challenge in under 12 hours.

We’ve included some pictures of the challenge on this page and you’d like to support our fundraising efforts your can donate here.

Charity Logos Wishh and Bliss

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First Peak Conquered!

Completing the route in the opposite direction as we had done in 2019, our first stop was the summit of Ingleborough.

Ingleborough is the second highest mountain in the Yorkshire Dales, standing at 2,372ft.

Second Peak Completed!

Our second stop of the challenge was Whernside, the highest point in North Yorkshire.

Whernside stands at 2,415ft and is 6 miles north of Ingleton, which was the first summit reached in the challenge.


The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge… Done!

After reaching the summit of the final peak in the challenge, Pen-y-ghent, the team reached the place where the challenge had started in under 12 hours.

The Yorkshire Three Peaks is one of the hardest walking challenges anyone can take on so we’re incredibly proud of the whole team, both for their endurance and the money they’ve raised.

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