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Watch our video case study to see how we helped BG Solicitors with all aspects of their IT Solutions, IT Support, Cyber Security and their Phone Systems.

BG Solicitors

BG Solicitors: Multisite Integration with IT Support, Cyber Security, Robust Infrastructure & Telecoms.

Solicitors has been supporting families through the milestones of life for decades. The northern Lincolnshire firm can trace its roots back to 1944, since when it has been helping with conveyancing for house moves, getting affairs in order by making a will, seeking commercial legal advice or help with separation, divorce or child custody when relationships falter.

BG Solicitors

The Reason For Change

Eighty staff at BG Solicitors’ four offices weren’t able to communicate directly with each other because each office was using a different IT platform. Recognising that such a situation couldn’t be allowed to continue, an alternative solution was sought – but finding one in which they could have complete confidence was a major step, since everything the company did relied on IT.

We decided we needed to integrate everything so it was all under one umbrella.
Helen Kent, IT Manager, BG Solicitors.

BG Solicitors

The Solution

We wanted someone local who knew the areas and could get to us easily, HBP fitted the bill.
Helen Kent, IT Manager, BG Solicitors.

Six months’ investigation eventually led to a member of staff visiting an event at which HBP Systems was involved, and she was impressed with what she saw.

The project and implementation ran very smoothly, from the very start of the project we had people on site and in constant contact with us. We understood what was happening and when it was happening and that it had happened.
Helen Kent, IT Manager, BG Solicitors.

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BG Solicitors

The Benefits

The result was creation of a relationship of which BG Solicitors are happy to say they wouldn’t want to do without HBP. We support them with every aspect of their IT requirements, making sure there is always someone to talk to in support should they require it.

HBP look after our phones, severs, IT support, provide us with laptops and everything integrates into our case management and accounts systems. From a business point of view it was much easier to come to HBP for all of those services.
Helen Kent, IT Manager, BG Solicitors.

BG Solicitors

The Future

With all of their IT infrastructure and day to day IT solutions in place, it was time to look at how we could help BG Solicitors improve their cyber security. There’s a need for a high degree of security, given the nature of the business BG Solicitors undertakes for its clients – which is why the network we’ve created is extremely robust and very secure.

Who Are We?

HBP Systems Ltd are part of The HBP Group, which also includes Kamarin Computers Ltd and Jugo Systems. We are based in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, with Kamarin in Cambridgeshire and Jugo in Hampshire. Between us we cover the vast majority of the UK and work under The HBP Group name to provide a seamless service between our northern and southern offices.

About Us
BG Solicitors

The good thing that set HBP apart from competition is they’re good people to deal with, they’re helpful, they understand our needs and the support is excellent. They really for the extra mile for us.
Helen Kent, IT Manager, BG Solicitors.

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