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New Sage 200 Accounting Software & Streamlined Processes

Techina Ltd: Independent Engineering Company in Grimsby

Enhancing Business Intelligence & Streamlining Processes

Technica Ltd is an independent engineering company which has served the oil, gas, energy and industrual automation and control sectors since 2007.

“The services we provide and our consultancy work, includes project management, design, material procurement, installation and commissioning.”

Reason For Change

Within just 12-years of business, Technica has grown to employ 50 members of staff, open a satellite office in Cheshire and support some of the largest businesses in the UK and international energy sector. This immense growth did, however, cause the business to encounter some difficulties.

“As Technica’s grown, our previous solution just wasn’t really working for us. We were working from lots of distributed spreadsheets, and this just wasn’t presenting the data we wanted in the right format. Technica is in a very competitive marketplace, so having good and accurate business intelligence is very important to us.” 

Upon hearing about Technica’s dilemma, the business’ accountants advised them to invest in a Sage software solution, which they thought would meet their industry and size requirements. After a “rigorous process of interviewing” potential Sage providers, Technica chose HBP Systems for the project.

The Solution

Technica was impressed with the way HBP developed a concept and demonstrated to the Technica team, to ensure they fully understood the solution and how Sage 200 would impact their business.

“We selected HBP mainly because we believe they bought into our business and what we were trying to achieve. They understood the problems we had at the present but could also pre-empt some of the problems we would encounter going forward as the business continued to grow. The final piece of the jigsaw for us was their attitude and culture.”

The Benefits

As Technica is a small firm, guaranteeing the minimisation of downtime was critical for this project. With no internal IT specialists, Technica was heavily relying on HBP to successfully complete the implementation within the agreed timeframe.

“We needed to be sure we had selected the right partner for what would be the largest internal business-critical project we’d ever done. HBP assisted us in getting everybody to buy into this project and understood the timeframes we were trying to achieve it in and the importance of a successful installation.”

The Future

“We were really confident with them as a partner and knew that HBP had our best interests at heart. HBP assisted with getting everybody to buy into the project because it was absolutely critical that everybody in such a small business support what we were trying to achieve.”

Since implementation and going live, Sage 200 has streamlined the core business processes of Technica. Having all essential business and financial data, instantly accessible within one package has provided the staff with enhanced visibility and has improved the quality of their data. This means that all decision-making, project planning and scheduling can be made much faster and based on more accurate data.

“The level of data we’ve now got on our financial information within the business is far greater, far better than we’ve ever had before. We can track costs all the way from bid through to the successful delivery of our projects, and everyone has taken to the new Sage package seamlessly.”