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Ulrick & Short migrated to a full cloud IT solution to assist business growth, improve security and offer more flexibility for staff

Ulrick & Short: Leading Global Designers Of Clean Label Ingredients in West Yorkshire

Cloud Migration of IT Infrastructure To Support Growth For High-Tech International Food Ingredient Producer

For the past 20 years, Ulrick & Short have led the way for improving, simplifying and reformulating food ingredients to meet the ever changing demands of food manufacturers around the world.

Across their sites in West Yorkshire and The Netherlands, the company have developed a huge range of clean label ingredients that can be applied across a broad range of food sectors.

We are designers and suppliers of clean label food ingredients, which basically means they’re not chemically modified or chemically processed in any way. Instead we just extract natural functionality from our crop range.

by Robert Lambert, Marketing & Communications @ Ulrick & Short

Primarily working with manufacturers in the UK, Ulrick & Short’s customer base is developing throughout Europe, but also into Asia and South America. With plans to expand into more geographies, crop bases and food sectors, it was paramount for the company that prides itself on service, expertise and trust to have a common, globally accessible and secure business platform to enable their ambitious growth and offer their high-level of customer service that they’re known for.

Reason For Change

With the ambitions of growth and increased requirement to communicate across countries it became apparent that Ulrick and Short needed an IT partner that truly understood their business and their individual and unique requirements.

Having worked with HBP for a number of years now and it’s really good to find an IT partner that has the same core values as us, and to be able to develop with us as well.

Over the years HBP have been able to provide technical solutions in terms of scalability and flexibility as the company have grown, especially in the last 5 years. The business had reached the critical mass to push it to the Cloud, and the most recent project was a full-scale migration of all IT services.

The Solution

Transforming the way the business works, the Cloud has been seen internally as an intimidating, abstract concept for many, but from a user perspective the benefits that are offered are generally ease of access of information both quickly and securely. Having multiple sites with many remote users, moving to a Cloud solution was the next logical step in the company’s development.

In terms of the migration itself, it was done really effectively really quickly and with very very little downtime, and in terms of afterwards our users really didn’t see too much difference between what they had before. Ultimately the migration will help us achieve a better customer response.

The project has enabled peace of mind regarding how the business’ core data was stored, so they can now focus resources on developing and growing the business. Data security, which is such an important factor in Ulrick & Short’s industry has been increased to protect their integrity and benefit the trust element of their brand to their customers.


HBP have been a really good partner in being able to advise how to approach what solutions to take. We’ve upgraded to a Cloud-based security system, we’ve implemented other solutions such as Sophos Intercept X, which helps out with ransomware and any kind of crypto-attack. We have backup systems which ensure even in the event of downtime we can get back up and running very very quickly.

The relationship between Ulrick & Short and their specialist IT Support provider has gone from strength to strength, and this latest project is a testament to that partnership.

In terms of technical support whenever we have an issue and we’ve called the helpdesk we’re always put straight through, the people on the other end are always very friendly with no technical jargon and we come to a solution very very quickly.

The company continue to benefit from on-going proactive IT and structure project services offered by HBP. This enables them to continue to grow the business and get more customers whilst their infrastructure is managed by a group of specialists on their behalf. Ulrick & Short take a very active role in the management of their network and systems, but support is proactive with consultancy, dedicated maintenance and project time built in to the contract.

We have a quarterly check with HBP where they will come out and do full system checks just to make sure everything’s okay, everything’s running as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

As we are growing we’re sure that our IT infrastructure can grow with us, so I’d recommend HBP at the drop of a hat.